Mick Clark P.P.C.

Working hard for our local communities

Mick Clark

As the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, for the Yeovil Constituency. Mick is the community champion we sorely need.

Born and raised in Yeovil, Mick joined the RAF at 18 where he remained until returning to his home town to work within front-line clinical roles in the NHS Emergency Ambulance Services. Following this, Mick undertook numerous tours of duty throughout global conflict zones where he worked as a Medic and Risk Management Consultant for a variety of NGO's and international aid groups.

Returning in 2012, Mick found new direction for his passion for helping others when he began working in community outreach, delivering vocational training to those furthest from the job market. Working with long term unemployed, youth and adult offenders, as well as working in our region's prisons, Mick's work has enabled hundreds of out of work adults and young people, throughout Somerset, to gain nationally recognised qualifications and move into or toward meaningful employment.

Mick's experience working with businesses, training providers and social enterprises has brought him to his current role as an Environmental, Health & Safety Consultant. 

In addition to his paid role, Mick is working with new and existing businesses across the region, striving to help them reduce their impact on the environment and maintain the highest attainable standards of health and safety for employees and service users alike. Helping businesses to reduce costs, improve consumer engagement and reduce the negative impacts on our shared environment while helping to remove the target on the back of small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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Reaching out to communities, 

working with local partners, 

getting the local balance right.